8 Quotes that Will Get You Excited About the Future of Fashion

future of fashion

Fashion Week has never been more disrupted. In the wake of a global pandemic and extreme climate-change fallout, you may find yourself taking pause and asking what the future of fashion even looks like? (If you have, you aren’t alone.)

And there’s good news—we have some answers.

Stay positive, empowered, and informed. Read on and see what these sustainable fashion thought leaders and influencers see coming for the fashion industry. We promise, by the time you finish reading, you’ll be feeling better about what’s ahead.

“The future of fashion is actually about taking a step back and redirecting the path it’s been going in over the last twenty years of consumption. If something isn’t working it’s time to fix it and slow down the process.

We need to look at how we got to this point in the first place and question things like why are so many brands always left with so much inventory, is there a smarter way to order product like made-to-order and pre-sale, and why are so many garment workers not paid or treated fairly? These are highly skilled people who deserve to be paid a decent wage and not be taken advantage of. Fashion brands need to be more transparent, so consumers know what they’re buying and the implication of that purchase.”

- Emma Golley, Founder, Fashion and the Free 

“Fashion brands need to be more transparent, so consumers know what they’re buying"

“Fashion is no longer just about style. Fashion is intimately connected to the health of our planet and the wellbeing of our people. So, the choice is yours. By choosing circular over linear, regenerative over conventional, slow fashion over fast, we have a fighting chance for a healthier future for all human beings.”
Amy J. Hall, VP, Sustainability, Eileen Fisher and Founder & President, Impactorum

“The future of fashion is a call to action for brands to have radical transparency and increased accountability throughout their supply chain. It’s now your responsibility as a brand to do your research, share your space with marginalized communities, and be a leader in transparency and allyship in the fashion community.”
Cassandra Dittmer, Sustainable Stylist & Influencer

“The future supply chain is one that’s more on-demand, local, and sustainable. Together we will change the world.”
Stephanie Benedetto, CEO & Founder, Queen of Raw

“If policy makers and country leaders actually listen to the rallies around climate change and social injustice then fashion would change to a much more circular approach and a slower consumption model. Circularity would be where it’s at in the future, to reduce the amount of virgin resources we’re using and harness all the incredible product that’s already out there—via rentals, second-hand, upcycling, or shopping deadstock when you’re producing new materials and clothes—all that stuff.”
- Alyssa Beltempo, Sustainable Influencer & Author

“The future of fashion is creative, collaborative, and circular. In the future brands, platforms, manufacturers, and technology will partner together to create an ecosystem that optimizes production, ensures fair wage pay and garment transparency, that fights for government policy change, and most importantly, reduces waste. The future of fashion is circular.”
- Eleanor Turner, CEO & Founder, The Big Favorite 

“The future of fashion is one in which we make only what we sell. No more. We flip the supply chain so that consumers drive what production makes, not the other way around. We take all this waste that’s currently piling up in landfills and contributing to climate change and we make beautiful pieces that last. We change the relationship between consumers and quality product for a much better future.”
- Sydney Badger, Co-founder, Public Habit

"The future of fashion is one in which we make only what we sell"

“People are going to be shifting from the middle to two different extremes. One extreme is fast fashion—there are going to be a lot of people who want to escape the current situation and the problems they have. So, they’re going to go for fast fashion and just buy attractive, cheap items.

But, there’s going to be another side of that spectrum where people are going to be looking for more sustainable items, asking a lot of questions, and demanding that brands do better. That group has been becoming bigger, but it’s going to become even more important and powerful in the current environment.”
- Zakhar Ivanisov, Co-founder, Public Habit 

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The Public Habit Philosophy 

At Public Habit, we believe the key to a sustainably fashionable world is a world in which everything is made on demand. We make only what you want; not what we think you will want. Our approach eliminates waste and builds a longer-lasting wardrobe. The result? A happier and healthier population and planet. 

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