We're revolutionizing the fashion supply chain.

At Public Habit, we reverse the traditional process by starting and ending our supply chain with the customer. This means we can remove inefficiencies in the supply chain that create waste. We start by finding out what you want, then we partner with hand-picked factories to produce in small batches and
ship directly from the source.

The Current System is Broken

Overproduction is a common problem in fashion because of long, complex and inflexible supply chains. Typical brands guess what customers will want at least a year before the customer has a chance to weigh in. 

The Result?

Brands make a lot of bad bets by designing so far in advance, before they get any input from the customer.

1 in 3

The number of garments made that are never even sold. That includes markdowns, liquidations and ever more costs that are passed on to you. 


The number of tons of textile waste that is burned or landfilled due to overproduction every year.


The average amount added to your price tag to account for storage and other unnecessary transportation costs.

Our Solution: The Flip and Skip

We're flipping the supply chain around so that your voice comes first. And we're skipping design, storage, store, and waste to bring you a higher-quality, more sustainable item that costs at least 25% less. Everyone wins.

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